Winter here we come: the clocks have changed, so now we have to deal with it. What's a good way to keep in shape, as the cold approaches?


1: Recharge the batteries

How to recharge your batteries when winter's at the door? By getting as much light as possible, it's an excellent way of keeping you spirits up. When our internal clock is disrupted due to lack of light, sleep isn't the only thing that suffers, it also takes its toll on our state of mind and concentration. Make the most of the last sunshine before the short winter days take over. Make the most of the great outdoors: weather permitting, walk at least 30 minutes a day (e.g. during your lunch break).


2: Make adjustments on your sleep

We're here: night time falls faster, the sun is slow getting up... and so are we! You've guessed it, we're well and truly in winter time. If you're having trouble getting up, then it's because you're struggling to adapt to the clocks changing. Your body also has to adapt to the new rhythm. How do you recover? In the evening, stay tuned to your body and at the first signs of sleepiness, make sure you go to bed. Refreshing sleep plays a key role in intellectual recovery.Remember that room temperature shouldn't be higher than 19° C for a good night's sleep.


3: Laugh, this is serious!

Not yet a follower of natural methods? And yet, this is one that ought to help you  see the bright side of life this winter:  laughter. Yes, that's right, laugh, this is serious! Try to smile in any stress situation, it's a great way to relax. This is the conclusion reached in a US study by Sarah Pressman, a researcher at the University of Kansas. Scientists have revealed that people trained to smile showed less stress than those who kept a neutral facial expression. They also proved that laughter was good for cardiac health. That should keep you smiling whatever the situation!


4: Beef up your meals

This winter, to keep working out, consider your muscle health. To do this, don't forget proteins, they are vital in any athlete's diet. When you eat less protein than what you need, our body draws on its own reserves and muscle mass melts away... Another good reason not to disturb the mechanism! Vary your meals as much as possible and eat at least two helpings of different kinds of proteins every day (animal or vegetable). For beautiful muscles, go for eggs, poultry (chicken or turkey breast), fish (salmon, mackerel or tuna), pulses (chick peas, white or kidney beans and lentils).




Here are 4 recommendations that should help you deal with winter with peace of mind. What about you, what are your top tips?

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