Exercising at home is easy!  In fact, we offer several ways to be physically active at home, even if you don’t have much time. Now’s the time to get in shape!


The venerable skipping rope

We never attach enough importance to the skipping rope, although it’s a fantastic fitness accessory for getting in shape at home. This complete exercise targets the lower body, but also tones the abs, arms and shoulders. Very easy to use, it’s ideal for losing weight, having a flat stomach, improving your endurance and avoiding cellulite problems. Start with 5 minutes of skipping, then gradually increase to 15 minutes (equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging) to finally build up to a 30-minute workout. Work out whenever you want at home (on a surface that’s not too hard)!


An exercise bike to keep yourself toned

Obviously, it’s the very symbol of exercise at home. It helps you get into shape by improving your endurance; it builds muscle, without trauma to the joints, slims the body and burns fat; finally, an exercise bike is excellent for keeping the cardio-vascular system in shape. Useful tip: correctly adjusting the position guarantees you won’t suffer lower back pain, so take a few minutes to get your posture right (saddle at hip height and leg slightly bent on the pedal).


Core muscle training to work the abs

There’s nothing like core abdominal training exercises for keeping fit at home and especially strengthening the abdominals. The basic exercise is the abdominal plank: supported on your elbows and feet, contract your abs and hold the position for 30 seconds to a minute. The body should be properly aligned, as in a push-up position. Do 3 sets with 30 seconds’ recovery time, 2-3 times a week. To work the medium and large obliques, do a side plank: on your side, resting on one elbow, feet and legs tight, hold the position or make small movements in the hips and pelvis, to make the task harder!


Gym ball to sculpt your body gently

A gym ball is a fitness ball that allows you to gently strengthen your deep muscles. While it essentially exercises the abs (the gym ball is very effective for getting your flat stomach back), it also strengthens the thighs and buttocks. Choose your gym ball according to your size, and remember that the more flexible a ball is, the easier the exercises are to perform. We recommend you inflate it more as you progress.




So it's easy to exercise at home without using up too much time if you’re short, and by varying the pleasures and exercises ... Now it’s your turn to keep fit!

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Is there a simple way of staying slim and toned? Here are four fast and easy fitness exercises to firm up your body at home.