After the summer, when the time comes to get back to sport, many of you don't know where to start or are quickly caught by the lack of time and/or motivation caused by your daily routine. With these fitness tips, we will guide you in gradually getting back in shape.

Tip n°1: get back in the right order

If your sports break lasted less than 15 days, start your sessions just as before, but slightly shorten your fitness sessions. Beyond 15 days, gradually restart your workouts, at least the first session, if not the next 2 sessions, and slowly increase over the following week until you reach your usual workout pace. Insist on a longer warm-up, longer stretches, and stay better hydrated (even when you're not thirsty!).


Tip n°2: move at home

If you're worried you don't have enough time to get to the gym or if a membership seems too expensive, why not get back in shape at home! How? By signing into domyos.com, in the Tips section, to discover our free exercise programmes.


Tip n°3: create your workout wardrobe

To get back in shape and motivate yourself to move, consider your equipment. Why not buy yourself a new fitness outfit? Another idea: consider getting yourself low-cost, effective body-sculpting accessories. Why not try out the AB220 to work on your abs, dumbbells to strengthen your arms, the Gymball to get a flat stomach back, or the Resistance Tube or Medicine Ball to tone your entire body?


Tip n°4: take up healthy eating habits

To get back to sport, you first need to organise your fridge so that you can find the key elements of a balanced diet, all in the right place.

  • High-quality proteins: beef, fish, eggs, chicken.

  • Low-starch vegetables: all vegetables except potatoes, peas, and corn.

  • Natural fats: avocados, nuts, seeds, olive oil, rapeseed oil.

As much as you can, avoid simple sugars: doughnuts, cookies, sweets, chips, cakes, ice creams, (industrial) fruit juices, white bread, white pastas, white rice, sodas...


These 4 sports tips will allow you to gradually get back in shape. Try to vary your activities so you never get bored. Plan a gentle restart schedule based on your physical condition, alternating with recovery time. Don't forget to get your beauty sleep to help you get back in shape!


Your body needs energy and the resources that will keep you going during a work out! Eating well helps your body make the most of exercise.


To help you organise your fitness sessions starting in September, we asked Oliver, our coach. Follow his great tips to create your workout schedule.