The treadmill is perfect for avoiding the inconvenience of unpredictable weather. It means you can undertake regular endurance training at home.

Here are three good reasons to run at your own pace and set your own goals!


1. Training at home

The treadmill offers an exercise similar to jogging or to walking. You no longer need to leave home to train: the treadmill means you can do the same exercise at home.


2. Achieve all your goals!

The treadmill offers a full workout. It is generally used to:

  • improve breathing and the cardiovascular system
  • stay in shape
  • lose weight
  • rehabilitation exercises.


3. Your training: your pace

The treadmill is used both by novices and experienced athletes.


If you are a novice, use the treadmill for walking or power walking. You can easily adjust the speed on the control panel. Once the exercise becomes too easy, increase the running speed.

Some treadmills, such as the Domyos TC5, even allow you to run on an incline: suitable for athletes looking for a more demanding workout.


Remember: if you are using the treadmill to lose weight, it is recommended that you follow an endurance programme. In other words, you work at a moderate intensity over a long period (between 30 - 45 minutes minimum). The more endurance training you do, the more your muscles will draw on your subcutaneous fat reserves which will help weight loss. 

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The treadmill is a perfect cardio training machine for staying in shape or losing weight and is accessible to all. Domyos helps you to use your treadmill the right way