When you finish your workout, don't forget to stretch. This is essential. For an optimal well-being, stretching is unavoidable. It helps to prevent and reduce muscle pain. Discover a 10 minute program to stretch after your workout.


Exercise No. 1


  • Targeted muscles: lumbar-quadriceps-psoas muscles hip flexors).


  • Performing the exercise: on the ground, stand in the lunge position. The hands are resting on the knee. The front leg is flexed, the foot is placed flat. The rear leg is stretched out and is resting on the tip of the foot. Keep the top of the body nice and straight and then push the hips forward. Push on the back leg as much as possible for 10 seconds.


  • Breathing: breathe slowly and deeply.


  • Safety instructions: keep your back straight throughout the exercise.


  • Repetition: hold the position for 10 seconds then swap side.


Exercise No. 2 


  • Muscles targeted: hamstrings and back.


  • Performing the exercise: stand, legs parallel. Then progressively roll your back forward, released the head. Get as low as possible. If you can, place your hands on the ground.


  • Breathing: breathe slowly and deeply.


  • Safety instructions: slightly bend the legs if the stretch is too painful. Keep the weight of the body on the front of the legs.


  • Repetition: hold the position for 30 seconds then slowly pull back.


Exercise No. 3



  • Targeted muscles: the triceps.


  • Performing the exercise: standing, lift one arm and gently, bring your hand behind the neck, on your back. Using your other hand, grasp the elbow which is in the air and slowly pull it towards the head. Keep stretching a dozen seconds and then repeat on the other side.


  • Breathing: breathe slowly and deeply.


  • Safety instructions: pull the elbow gradually, without forcing.


  • Reps: extend the elbow and hold the position for about 10 seconds, then release.


Exercise No. 4


  • Targeted muscles: the adductors.


  • Performing the exercise: in a sitting position, stretch your legs then spread them as much as possible. Bring the left leg into a cross-legged position. Be sure to keep the ischia (buttocks bone) to the ground. Then lower your chest towards the outstretched leg while trying to hold onto the foot.


  • Breathing: breathe slowly and deeply.


  • Safety instructions: lower the upper body slowly, without forcing.


  • Reps: hold the stretch for 30 seconds then swap side.