900 Adult Kumite Karate Uniform

Key feature
We are proud to present a karate uniform designed specially for competition!Light, supple and breathable, it can accompany you in all your combats. WKF-approved
Freedom of movement
Move freely thanks to the notches and supple fabric of the uniform.
Lightweight, breathable fabric for your competition bouts!
A uniform that is both light and durable thanks to the 100% polyester fabric!


Main fabric : 100.0% Polyester
2 years


A gi adapted to your karate style?
There are many different styles of karate: The French federation includes 32 karate styles. With its shorts skirt and long sleeves, your uniform has a European cut that is suitable for most styles and is mostly aimed at shotokan karate. With overstitching at the bottoms of the sleeves and hems of the bottoms and jacket, the uniform is more weighted: it feels more fluid and improves its aesthetics when you perform your techniques. Sold without belt.
What is the gi made from?
We've designed this stretchy, 100% polyester uniform for you to wear for any competition. The result? Your uniform is particularly light, making it perfect for fast, precise movements to optimise your performance. With its breathable fabric, it quickly wicks perspiration whilst remaining soft. The entire back of the jacket and upper section on the back of the bottoms are made of mesh.
The design of the 900 karate uniform
Whatever your style, we have an attractive, technical and well-suited gi: - The cut of the bottoms is designed for use with foot and shin guards - The jacket is nipped-in at the hips for an elegant look - The looseness of the jacket across the chest allows you to execute all your arm-based techniques without restriction - The slits on the sides of the jacket provide greater freedom of movement for all your leg movements, even in low positions.
Our design team talks about our new range of uniforms:
"We had quite a bit to rethink - we started from scratch. The priorities were reworking the fabrics and cut to create uniforms that were attractive but which still looked like karate uniforms. Most of all, we wanted to give karatekas what they needed." This was followed by dozens of prototypes and tests with around twenty karateka until we had a suitable, balanced gi that met the requirements of the international federation.
Enrique, Outshock product manager and black belt in karate, explains his version of the uniforms
"I hope that our gis will be attractive to even the most demanding of purists. We wanted to pin down what a gi meant to us, the importance of forms and techniques, on it needing to follow the movements of the body. The gi helps you keep to the forms and technique of your karate style."