500 Women's Cardio Fitness Bra - Yellow

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Key feature
An iconic sports bra for fitness and cardio activities with a mesh back, elasticated underband and built-in foam for shaping. A range of colours and prints to round off your look.


Breast support
MEDIUM: reduces bust movement by 45%* during medium-impact activities.
The foam adds a bit of shape to the bra to show your bust at its best.
A breathable panel wicks away perspiration.
Moisture management
The fabric absorbs and wicks perspiration away to the outer surface.


Main fabric : 90.0% Polyester (PES), Main fabric : 10.0% Elastane Back fabric : 76.0% Polyamide (PA), Back fabric : 24.0% Elastane Secondary lining : 100.0% Polyamide (PA) Pad : 60.0% Polyurethane (PU), Pad : 40.0% Polyester (PES) Elastic Band : 80.0% Polyamide (PA), Elastic Band : 20.0% Elastane
This product has undergone washing and drying tests to verify that it retains its shape and colour. These tests are regularly performed by an independent laboratory and allow us to ensure that our quality standards are always upheld.
Designed to
medium-impact fitness/cardio activities such as cardio boxing, fitness dance etc. Also suitable for dancing and cross training.
2 years


Why the 500 Sports Bra is ideal for medium-impact activities
This 500 sports bra with medium support* is perfect for medium-impact fitness activities (fitness dance, cardio training, cross-training). Its technical design, with a wide elasticated underband that's soft and comfortable, means you can wear it alone or under a top. Muscle back in ventilated fabric for better moisture management. Removable pads and no underwiring for optimal comfort. *Reduces impacts by 45% compared to a regular bra when doing medium-impact activities.
A sports must-have:
When working out, your bust is put through more stress and impacts than during your daily activities. The movements and bouncing mean that they can weigh up to five times their initial weight, depending on the intensity. Wearing a sports bra provides both the support and comfort you need when doing a physical activity.
Protect your breasts:
No matter your cup size or age, your breasts suffer a lot of impacts during exercise. As fragile organs supported almost exclusively by your skin, they need specialist support. If you just wear a normal bra with less support, it could lead to pain and, over time, to sagging. A sports bra is just as important as your other sports clothes and shoes, protecting your chest from impacts.
There are three levels of support depending on your workout:
- Low support (yoga, stretching, muscle strengthening, etc.) for activities where the breasts will not move much. - Medium support (fitness dancing, cardio training, etc.) for moderate, non-repeated bouncing. - High support (step, running, trampolining, etc.) for activities involving intensive movements.
Choosing the right size
The right size ensures good support and a comfortable fit. To figure out your bra size, take your bust measurement: * Measure yourself without a bra on. * Use a mirror. * Hold your tape measure horizontally at the top of your back towards the bottom of your shoulder blades. * Bring the tape measure across the fullest part of your bust. Without pulling it tight, take the measurement. Refer to our size guide to find your corresponding sports bra size.
How are DOMYOS bras designed?
Our models are designed to increase comfort and help prevent health problems: * we do not use underwiring (risk of injury and compression of the lymph nodes) * we minimise seams near the nipple (to prevent chafing) * we use components that wick perspiration away from the body (improves the level of comfort and considerably lowers the risk of chafing).
How are DOMYOS bras tested?
All our models are verified in our labs using our bust support test (measures the decrease in acceleration of the breasts during sports). They are rated and categorised: 1 : light support 3: medium support 5: superior support * Our fitness bras guarantee a reduction in the acceleration of the bust compared with a standard bra. 10% minimum (level 1) up to over 50% (level 5).
4.52 / 5 691 Reviews
651 users recommended this product

  • Woman
    30-39 years old
    19 April 2018
    Use since 2 to 8 weeks
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    Really comfy

    Great sports bra and really supportive but took me a couple different sizes to work out which is the best one. For reference - I'm a 36D - sometimes DD and I'm a XL in these bras.

  • Woman
    30-39 years old
    04 March 2018
    Use since 2 to 8 weeks
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    Admittedly I haven’t had a chance to wear this for yoga just yet but it’s very comfy and supportive for when you feel too lazy to wear an actual bra.

  • Woman
    30-39 years old
    07 November 2017
    Use since 2 to 8 weeks
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    Great bra offering good support

    Great bra offering good support. I have use it for running, cycling and weight training. Really comfortable and smart looking too (if wearing under a vest), which always makes you feel good. Would recommend

4.71 / 5 51 Reviews
51 users recommended this product

  • Woman
    18 April 2018
    Use since 2 to 8 weeks
    That review has been deposited on this product version

    Es cómodo, la guía de tallas es real, es transpirable y aguanta cualquier tipo de actividad sin moverse. Se ajusta muy bien.

  • Woman
    20-29 years old
    13 April 2018
    Use since 2 to 8 weeks
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    Sujeción y precio Unidos de la mano

    Muy buena sujeción y muy transpirable. Su forma se adapta perfectamente y es muy cómodo para mis actividades en sala

  • Woman
    30-39 years old
    06 April 2018
    Use since More than 1 year
    That review has been deposited on this product version
    Muy recomendable

    Top comodísimo con muy buena sujección.
    100% recomendable para todos los deportes del fitness en general