100 Adult Judo Aikido Uniform - White

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Key feature
This lightweight and durable uniform is perfect for starting out in judo. Plus, it has an elegant design judokas love! Sold without belt.
Breaking resistance
Your uniform withstands grips and pulling thanks to a grammage of 350 g/sqm.
Freedom of movement
A loose fit at the shoulders to move freely when standing and on the ground.
Ease of use
Learn the grips easily with the basic collar that's easy to hold.


Main fabric : Top : 65.0% Polyester (PES), Main fabric : Top : 35.0% Cotton Main fabric : Bottom : 65.0% Polyester (PES), Main fabric : Bottom : 35.0% Cotton
2 years


Grammage and composition: what they mean
The thickness of the fabric is expressed in grams per square metre. This is called grammage. For judo, it's best to have a uniform in durable fabric that holds up during not only grips but in the wash as well! That's why we chose a fabric in 65% cotton and 35% polyester: it holds up better to pulling and washing. With a grammage of 350 g/sqm, it's strong enough for starting out!
A collar designed for your sport:
Judo is a grappling combat sport: you grab the uniform of your opponent to get them on the ground. To make learning easier, we created a collar with a larger lapel. This makes grabbing much easier. The collar is also curved for a more elegant look. This means your uniform jacket fits your body and will naturally lie in a closed position.
About the 100 Judo uniform
To make learning judo easier, we created a uniform designed especially for your practice: the sleeve length, looseness at the shoulders and fitted waist let you move with ease. And the bottoms? They are more durable at the knees for floor combat. The elasticated waistband makes them easier to slip on!
Enrique, Outshock product manager, talks about the benefits of judo:
"I come from karate and one thing always impressed me with judo - this idea of strength and ease at the same time. Judokas practise with an elegance that is really great to see. I also like the idea that the dojo is more than just a place: you learn a lot about yourself outside those four walls. These are the values that I found at Outshock and that we want to share in our judogis."
How to choose your uniform size
Choosing the right size uniform depends on your height! Uniforms range from 160 to 200 cm. We recommend choosing a uniform which is at least 5 cm bigger than your height. For example, if you are 1.74 m, chose a 180 cm uniform.
How to take care of your uniform
We suggest airing out your uniform after every use. To keep it white, be sure to wash it regularly. One pointer? Wash it on cold the first few times. When you dry it, it's best to let it air dry and never use the dryer. :)

Users reviews

3.67 / 5 3 Reviews
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  • Man
    29 June 2019
    Use since 2 to 8 weeks
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    Muy buen producto

    Muy buen producto

  • Man
    40-49 years old
    25 June 2019
    Use since 2 to 8 weeks
    That review has been deposited on this product version
    Kimono vendu ensemble haut-bas.Le...

    Kimono vendu ensemble haut-bas.
    Le haut taille excessivement grand et le bas taille petit.
    Il faut dépareiller l'ensemble pour avoir une tenue correcte.
    Il faut IMPÉRATIVEMENT revoir les tailles.

    Brand's answer :

    Bonjour Monsieur,
    Merci d'avance de votre retour,
    Je regrette que le taillant de notre judogi ne vous convienne pas et vous prie de nous en excuser.
    Pour approfondir sur le sujet, pourriez vous me transmettre vos mesures/poids et la taille du judogi choisi s’il vous plaît ?
    Ca nous aidera à faire évoluer la conception du modèle,
    Le taillant de la nouvelle offre de judogi a été revue, testé et validé avec des pratiquants. Il peut s'avérer un problème de assemblage en production avec des tailles haut et bas différentes.
    Dans la stratégie satisfaction client, si toutefois le judogi ne vous convenait pas du tout, je vous propose de vous faire rembourser ou échanger sans conditions dans votre magasin Décathlon.
    Les équipes magasin seront ravi de garantir votre satisfaction.
    En espérant vous garder en tant que client fidèle,
    Je reste à votre disposition si besoin,
    Enrique CalvoChef de produit arts martiaux

  • 24 July 2019
    That review has been deposited on this product version
    上衣质量不错 ,裤子质量一般