• Weight Training Dumbbell Kit - 10 kg
  • Weight Training Dumbbell Kit - 10 kg
  • Weight Training Dumbbell Kit - 10 kg
  • Weight Training Dumbbell Kit - 10 kg

Weight Training Dumbbell Kit - 10 kg

Key feature
The perfect dumbbell kit to start bodybuilding with a wide range of exercises to work biceps, triceps, upper-arm muscles and pecs.
£1.00 / Kg
Maximum weight of 20 kg (bar and weight collars included), 5-year warranty.
Adapts to follow your progress! Adjust them every 2 kg to follow your progress
Easy transport
Cardboard case to easily take your kit with you


10 kg.
-3% to +5% on weights
Structure : 80.0% Iron, 20.0% Steel
Test lab terrain
Do not use for pullovers or triceps with vertical lift over the head.
Designed to
bodybuilding with dumbbells
5 years


Care instructions
Wipe any perspiration off with a dry cloth.
Storage Tips
To avoid corrosion, do not store bars and weights in a damp place or outdoors.
Restricted use
Not suitable for damp areas. For home use only.


Contents of the 10 kg set
- 1 solid bar, 2 kg, 28 mm diameter, 35 cm long - 2 spring clamp disc collars - 2 x 1 kg discs, 28 mm diameter - 2 x 2 kg discs, 28 mm diameter
Distribution of ratings
Favourable review judged most helpful
Excellent value 11 Feb 2016 Price, quality. Uses European 28mm diameter bar.

This product is excellent value and seems to be of high quality. The clips grip well.
The only problem is that, if you have any standard weight discs which are 25mm (1 inch) in diameter, they obviously don't fit. You can always get a pair of standard bars as well, of course, but it would be better if they were UK standard rather than European standard. Decathlon is a French company, so it's not surprising, I suppose.
I haven't tried putting Domyos discs on a standard bar - I guess they'd rattle around a lot!
Note to Decathlon - the description online says it contains 2 x 2kg discs plus 2 x 2kg discs, which doesn't tie up with the photo or the kit itself. It actually contains 2 x 2kg discs and 4 x 1kg discs, which is much better.
Another thing I wasn't aware of when I bought this kit is that the maximum weight you can use on any one dumbbell is 20kgs. So they're not going to be much use for the really heavy exercises. Leaves you having to get another set of dumbbell bars with standard discs.
So long as you are aware of the drawbacks, this kit is a good buy.

Critical review judged most helpful
Basically useless 31 May 2014 Not very expensive The clips slide off, so the weights fall off

These initially look like a good idea, but they are useless to the point of being dangerous. The clips that retain the weights on the bar slide along the bar as you use them, so after only a few reps, the weights rattle on the bar. This means that at best you have to stop and reset everything, but at worst, one of the weights falls off and breaks a toe.

To conclude, these are basically unfit for purpose. I went and bought some solid Lonsdale dumbells with a foam grip from Sports World instead

Brand's answer :

Hi James,
First of all thanks for your feedback, I am really sorry to hear that you were not satisfied with our 10 kg Dumbbell set.

All of our products pass a lot of quality and safety checks before to put them on the shelves so is not normal at all that the clips that retain the weights slide off, so unfortunately I am pretty confident your set was faulty.

I would be really grateful if you come back to your local store and ask one of our sales adviser to open and try another set for you.

Obviously If you are still not happy with your dumbbell set or you think the other one you bought is better we will be more than happy to give your money back.

Thanks again for your feedback and help us to improve everyday,

Best Regards,

Sergi Soler
Sport Market Manager - Decathlon

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