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TC3 Treadmill

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4.2 / 5 572 Reviews
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5 / 5 2 Reviews
Key feature
Treadmill that's unbeatable value for money, with 8 training programmes to push you to reach your workout goals.
Available price from 24/06/2016 and while stocks last on Decathlon
of which eco-participation
You can walk and run up to 18 km/h on a 0 to 10% incline.
Good cushioning thanks to the flexible wooden deck.


Treadmill belt
41 x 127 cm
Max. speed:
14 km/h (2 HP)
Dim. (in use)
L.162 x W.73 x H.138 cm
Dim. (folded)
L.80 x W.73 x H.153 cm
Box size
L.170 x W.75 x H.28 cm
Weight + box:
57 kg
Designed to
keeping in shape with fast walking and running at a moderate pace.
5 years structure, 2 years motor, parts and labour. After sales service: go to domyos.com


Care instructions
Clean any perspiration off your product after each training session. Regularly check that screws and bolts are properly tightened and that the running belt is positioned correctly and at the proper tension (see procedure in the treadmill's instructions manual). It is also recommended to lubricate the treadmill to avoid friction between the running belt and the deck. Only use treadmill lubricant (100% silicone).
Storage Tips
Do not leave in a damp place, do not store outdoors.
Restricted use
Home training 5 hrs a week. Max. user weight: 130 kg.


Running surface
The Domyos TC3 running surface (41x127 cm) is suitable for fast walking or running at a moderate pace to keep in shape.
Power of motor and maximum speed
The TC3 treadmill has a 2 HP continuous output motor, which is suitable for sessions of fast walking or running of up to 1 hour. Maximum speed: 1-14 km/h With the TC3 you can increase the speed in 0.1 km/h increments for added comfort and safety.
The Domyos TC3 treadmill offers great cushioning. Its flexible wooden deck protects joints from impacts endured while running and ensures good acceleration at a moderate pace. Good to know: it is recommended that runners looking for added protection wear shoes with good cushioning.
The Domyos TC3 treadmill has 4 functions and 8 preset training programmes to reach main fitness goals: - 4 functions: time, speed, distance, and estimated calories burnt. - 4 "performance" training programmes (interval training). - 4 weight-loss programmes to burn calories.
The Domyos TC3 treadmill folds easily to save space.Our engineers have studied its size to design a product that is both compact and stable.
To run in comfort, it is recommended you wear running shoes that are suitable for your level. To increase the stability of the treadmill, dampen vibrations and noise and protect the floor, it is recommended that the treadmill is set up on a floor mat. We recommend the Domyos Training Mat.
To start your session, stand on the foot rails before starting the running belt at 1 km/h, then step onto the middle of the running belt. You are ready to start your session! Be careful, the TC3 treadmill starts up at a speed of 2 km/h by default. For added safety, it is recommended to reduce the speed to 1 km/h before stepping onto the running belt.
The TC3 treadmill has a fast, safe folding mechanism. See the folding procedure in the treadmill's instructions manual. The correct technique involves squatting, gripping the treadmill and lifting it while keeping your back as straight as possible, until the treadmill is in a locked position.
Visit or website www.domyos.com to: - Find out about the warranty on your product - Mount, adjust or use your product - Resolve a technical issue - Download the instructions manual for your treadmill.
4.2 / 5 572 Reviews
532 users recommended this product
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+60 years old
04 January 2015
Use since 2 to 8 weeks
jestem bardzo zadowolony z kupna bieżni
różnorodność funkcji nie widzę słabych stron produktu

bieżnia którą kupiłem dla siebie i dla żony umożliwia nam poprawiać naszą kondycję fizyczną gdyż jesteśmy na emeryturze i staramy się codziennie rozruszać nasze kości.Zachęcamy innych do kupna.

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50-59 years old
23 March 2015
Use since 2 to 8 weeks
Bruit épouvantable

L'appareil fait un bruit épouvantable, rendant l'activité sportive très désagréable.

  • Man
    +60 years old
    14 January 2016
    Use since 2 to 8 weeks
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    purchase confirmed
    A sturdy piece of kit. Easy to follow guide
    .Safe to use.good range preset programmes At fast settings, a firm, stable surface needed

    Great service at the store

  • 11 October 2015
    That review has been deposited on this product version
    brilliant machine

    Euro plug a bit of inconvenience but easily fixed. The treadmill is brilliant but as developed a really loud noise coming from the motor when it goes back down to zero incline and its only 9 weeks old , it as the maintenance done on a regular basis but to no avail , not putting me off having a replacement though because decathlon are delivering me another one in 2 days which is good customer service.

  • Man
    50-59 years old
    23 May 2015
    Use since 1 week or less
    That review has been deposited on this product version
    Great machine let down by Euro plug
    Robust and has all the features you need Euro plug means you can't use it

    So disappointed to spend money and time (2 hours) constructing the machine to find we were unable to use to because it has a Euro plug. Others have been commenting on this for over 12 months. How can you let this happen? I am a BIG fan of Decathlon but this is really poor customer service.

5 / 5 2 Reviews
2 users recommended this product
Distribution of ratings
  • decathlon italia
    20-29 years old
    09 December 2015
    Use since 7 to 12 months
    That review has been deposited on this product version
    purchase confirmed

    facile da utilizzare,ottimi i programmi di allenamento, decisamente un ottimo acquisto!

  • VS Roncadelle
    30-39 years old
    01 July 2015
    Use since 2 to 8 weeks
    That review has been deposited on this product version
    purchase confirmed
    Regalo azzeccato
    Prezzo e dimensioni Per ora nessuno

    L'ho regalato a mio papà, lo utilizza per una camminata veloce ed è molto contento!



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