• 100 Abs Bench
  • 100 Abs Bench
  • 100 Abs Bench
  • 100 Abs Bench
  • 100 Abs Bench
  • 100 Abs Bench
  • 100 Abs Bench
  • 100 Abs Bench
  • 100 Abs Bench
  • 100 Abs Bench
  • 100 Abs Bench
  • 100 Abs Bench
  • 100 Abs Bench
  • 100 Abs Bench

100 Abs Bench

Key feature
The comprehensive, fold-down bench for abs and working the upper body with dumbbells.
robust and stable with its non-slip caps.
Ideal for bodybuilding novices Dumbbell and abs workout
Compact design
Collapsible so it takes up as little space as possible, easy to store and move
Easy assembly / dismantling
Only takes 5 minutes to put up.


Box size
L.92 x W.35 x H.15cm
Folded dimen.
L.105 x W.34 x H.15 cm
Product size
L.92 x W.34 x H.54 cm.
6.7 kg.
Frame : 100.0% Steel Padding : 100.0% Viscose
Designed to
regular bodybuilding with dumbbells and abs strengthening exercises at home
2 years


Care instructions
After training, wipe off any perspiration with a damp sponge to protect the bench.
Restricted use
Max user weight: 110 kg. Maximum recommended size: 1.90 m


Our advice
Choosing the right abdominal bench and board means selecting a product that is suited to the level of your training and the type of exercises you wish to do. This bench is perfect if you do bodybuilding once or twice a week with low to medium loads.
Distribution of ratings
  • Domyos 100 Abs Bench
    14 Sep 2015
    Good sturdy bench, ideal for at home workouts. Plastic end caps easily come off,just needs glue

    I brought this for homework out, and is ideal for abs and bench work out with dumbbells. It is sturdy, light weight and folds flat easily with using the two pins.

  • quality issues
    10 Aug 2015
    light, easy to store, size, price plastic covers, foam rolls

    I am a big fan of Decathlon products, I was looking forward to get a small bench that I could easily store, the ba100 abs bench is cheap, and easy to put together, size for me is just about ok I am 1.78 cm but some one higher this might be too small, over all looks good, my issue is that the plastic covers on each edge keeps falling so i had to tape to stop this as well the foam move to easily plus if you are wearing shorts might be a bit to rough in the back of your legs so I use a towel to avoid this (in jmy opinion they could potentialy use a softer finish for this poliuretan, the other thing is that the bolts on the flat cushon and a bit too loose i need to keep tight them



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